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Utah State Tax Information


What payment solution am I using?
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IBA Travel Account:  No, IBAs are not tax exempt
CBA Travel Account/ Travel Tax Advantage Account:  Yes, CBAs are exempt.
Purchase Account (CBA):  Yes, CBAs are exempt.

What forms if any will I need?
CBA Only: Utah State Tax Commission Exemption Certificate for Government TC-721G

Who is the main point of contact?
Utah State Tax Commission: (800) 662-4335 or (801) 297-2200

What are the important links?
Utah State Tax Commission Utah Tax & Motor Vehicle Information

Are there any additional information or instructions?
R865-19S-41 Sales to the United States Government and Its Instrumentalities

Are surcharges allowed in this state?
Even though VISA/ MasterCard have eliminated the prohibition against credit card surcharges, merchants in this state are barred from imposing surcharges because it is illegal under state law.

*Updated on 06/13/17


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