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The federal government prefers to use GSA SmartPay® solutions to pay merchants.

Merchants, please note that:

  • If a merchant currently accepts Visa, Mastercard, Voyager and/or Wright Express (WEX), they are already set up to accept GSA SmartPay cards/accounts.
  • If a merchant does not currently accept charge cards, they may consider contacting their financial institution to discuss accepting charge cards.
  • The transaction fees negotiated with the bank to accept cards from the private sector will also apply to government purchases.

For more information on how to recognize GSA SmartPay card/account types and business lines, please view the SmartTax Merchant Guide [PDF, 4 pages].

For common merchant questions about the GSA SmartPay program, please visit the FAQs section of this website or contact the GSA Center for Charge Card Management (CCCM) at

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