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Card/Account Holder Responsibilities

Card/account holders are designated by an agency to receive a GSA SmartPay® card/account.

The card/account holder is responsible for:

  • Securing the card/account.
  • Maintaining records relating to all transactions.
  • Using the card/account ethically and appropriately.
  • Observing all dollar limits.
  • Reconciling and documenting transactions.

Card/account holders must comply with all applicable regulations and procedures of your agency. If you’re unsure about a purchase or you’re unclear about your agency’s policy, please reach out to your Agency/Organization Program Coordinator (A/OPC) for guidance.

Card/account holders are also responsible for reporting a lost or stolen GSA SmartPay card/account. If this occurs, please promptly contact the following parties:

  • The contractor bank.
  • Your A/OPC.
  • Your supervisor.

Once a card/account has been reported as lost or stolen, the contractor bank immediately blocks that card/account from further usage and a new card/account number will be issued to the card/account holder.

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