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Smart Bulletin No. 023
GSA SmartPay2 –Third Party Payment Processors
Summary: Third Party Payment processors (e.g., PayPal, iBill, etc.) offer e-commerce/internet payment solutions for commercial transactions. Although there are not any existing government-wide policies or procedures outlining the use of third party payment processors, several agencies have developed internal policies related to this issue. These policies range from the complete restriction of third party payment processors to less restrictive policies which allow for transactions to be made when a workaround cannot be identified. It is important to weigh the risks when deciding whether to restrict or allow cardholders to use third party payment platforms.

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Name Format Size Publish Date
Smart Bulletin No. 023
GSA SmartPay2 – Third Party Payment Processors
PDF 15K 02/10/2015
Smart Bulletin No. 022
GSA SmartPay2 –Charge Card Manager Certification (CCMC) Program
PDF 26K 06/27/2014
Smart Bulletin No. 021
Attachment – Compliance Summary Matrix
OMB Memorandum M-13-21 9/09/13 and Charge Card Compliance Summary
PDF 48K 09/09/2013
GSA Smart Bulletin No. 20
What You Need to Know About State Taxes
PDF 33K 05/13/2013
GSA Smart Bulletin No. 19 Tax Exemption Procedures
PDF 28K 04/29/2013
GSA Smart Bulletin No.18
Visa’s Government and Higher Education Payment Program – Updates/Changes
PDF 21.4K 02/06/2013
GSA Smart Bulletin No.17
Brands (VISA/MasterCard) to Permit Merchant Surcharges
PDF  14.74K 01/17/2013
GSA Smart Bulletin No.16
General Excise Taxation of Sales of Tangible Personal Property in Hawaii
PDF  16K 08/24/2011
GSA Smart Bulletin No. 015
GSA SmartPay2 - Going Green
PDF 136K 07/06/2011
GSA Smart Bulletin No. 014
Non-Department of Defense (DOD) Organization Option to Use Travel Card for Local Travel 
Local Travel Management Plan
PDF 15.5K 11/03/2010
GSA Smart Bulletin No. 013
Housing Assistance Tax Act of 2008 Final Regulations
PDF 15.44K 9/14/2010
GSA Smart Bulletin No. 012
Executive Branch Agency Reduction in Convenience Check Usage
PDF  16K 8/17/2010
GSA Smart Bulletin No. 011
Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiatives (FSSI) Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs)
FSSI Vendor Information
PDF  30.5K 07/27/2010
GSA Smart Bulletin No. 010
Tax exemption for the Travel Card
Tax Exemption Quick View
 PDF  28k 5/04/2010
GSA Smart Bulletin No. 009
Use of the Purchase and Travel Charge Cards
Note: The local travel portion of Smart Bulletin No. 009 has been superseded by Smart Bulletin No. 014
PDF 32k 5/20/2009
GSA Smart Bulletin No. 008
Interchange Rates for Agencies Accepting GSA SmartPay® 2 Charge Cards
PDF 15k 4/16/2009
GSA Smart Bulletin No. 007
Foreign Currency Conversion
PDF 40k 4/3/2009
GSA Smart Bulletin No. 006
Record Retention
PDF 47k 11/30/2008
GSA Smart Bulletin No. 005
Dispute Processes Under the GSA SmartPay 2 Master Contract
PDF 19k 10/31/2008
GSA Smart Bulletin No. 004
Prohibition of Signing Bonuses and Lump Sum Incentives
PDF 25k 7/24/2007
GSA Smart Bulletin No. 003
Phone Fraud Scams
PDF 26k 3/9/2007
GSA Smart Bulletin No. 002
Micro-Purchase Limit Increase
PDF 95k 1/18/2007
GSA Smart Bulletin No. 001
The GSA SmartPay® program's Smart Bulletin.
PDF 68k 1/18/2007


The GSA SmartPay® program provides charge cards to agencies/departments throughout the U.S. government, as well as tribal governments, through master contracts that are negotiated with major national banks.

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