To use the calculator, begin by entering in information in the boxes with a red asterisk at the end of the box label indicating a required field. If a certain category of spend or migration of spend is not applicable, enter in a zero for that box.

Section 1: Current Agency Spend

  • Total Agency Card Spend: The sum of Purchase, Travel, and Fleet spend entered in by the user (Note: If you do not know the breakdown of spend by business line, enter all spend under Purchase and zero for Travel and Fleet Spend).
  • Average Sales Refund %: The refund percentage listed in the agency’s task order.

Section 2: Additional Spend

  • Total Contract Spend: Includes total agency contract spend (not including the GSA SmartPay card spend).
  • Current Grant Spend: Equals the current amount your agency spends on grants.
  • Current Local Travel Subsidy: Includes any amount disbursed to employees for local travel (metro checks, train tickets, etc.).
  • Other Spend: Includes any spend not under the GSA SmartPay program that could be moved under it."

Section 3: Migrating Spend Percentages

  • Contract Spend Migrated: Equals the percentage of Total Contract Spend if migrated to a GSA SmartPay Solution.
  • Grant Spend Migrated: Equals the total percentage of grant spend you wish to migrate to the GSA SmartPay program.
  • Local Travel Subsidy Spend Migrated: Equals the total percentage of current local travel subsidy you wish to migrate to the GSA SmartPay program.
  • Increased Travel Card Compliance: By increasing travel card compliance at your agency (selecting yes), your agency will increase overall travel card spend by 20%. This calculation is based on a study, which found that improving compliance would increase travel card spend that was otherwise done by individuals using personal cards or cash.
  • Other Spend Migrated: Equals the percentage of Other Spend you wish to migrate to a GSA SmartPay.

Section 4: Agency Savings Summary

  • Refund Breakdown Graph: equals the current agency GSA SmartPay card spend multiplied by the average sales refund percentage for today compared to the future (additional values added for each amount entered (for example, card spend, grant spend, and cardless solutions listed under the GSA SmartPay Master Contract).