What Happens if I Become a Victim of Fraud?

If you discover that someone else has used your account, promptly report the incident to your A/OPC and the bank’s customer service representative. Once your account (or the account holder information) has been reported lost or stolen, the account is immediately blocked. If necessary, the bank will then issue a new card with a new account number. Also, your bank will send you a letter explaining the steps you can take to protect yourself further. Sometimes, unauthorized transactions will appear on the billing statement, even though the account was reported lost or stolen. You should report all unauthorized transactions by calling the bank's customer service telephone number.

If your GSA SmartPay account falls victim to fraud, contact your A/OPC and your agency’s bank immediately.

U.S. Bank
(877) 595-6256

J.P. Morgan
(888) 297-0781

(800) 274-6660