What is the GSA SmartPay Purchase Account?

In accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), the GSA SmartPay Purchase Account is the preferred method of payment for micro-purchases (FAR Part 13.201).  For purchases above the micro-purchase threshold, the purchase solution may be used as an ordering and payment mechanism. 

Accounts may be issued by Citibank or U.S. Bank.

GSA SmartPay Purchase Account Prefixes include:

  • Visa: 4614, 4716
  • MC: 5565 and 5568

Purchase cards can have two different card designs:

Purchase and Integrated Cards    

    All GSA SmartPay Purchase Accounts are centrally billed (CBA) and should be exempt from state taxes.

    Best practices for assessing taxes include:

    • Verifying that the customer is a federal employee through the card logo, the BIN, or the employee’s government ID card.  Note: The sixth digit of a GSA SmartPay Purchase Account does not need to be analyzed, because the accounts are identified by the BIN.
    • Visiting  https://smartpay.gsa.gov/smarttax for specific tax information for your state including points of contact if you have questions.