General Services Administration - Jenny Kane 

Jenny Kane

Jenny Kane

​General Services Administration

Federal Acquisition Service, GSA Fleet
Branch Chief of the Business Intelligence Branch

25 Year Veteran of the GSA
19 Year Veteran of the GSA SmartPay Program


Describe some of your responsibilities related to the GSA SmartPay program.

As A/OPC I lead an eight person team of GSA Fleet associates that manage contract administration and develop policies and procedures.  This team manages 225,000 cards (one per GSA Fleet leased vehicle), reviews $36 million in annual transaction spend, identifies fraud and pursues action on any instances of fraud, waste and abuse.  The team also ensures ease of use for our 10,000 customer points of contact and their many drivers who swipe our cards 8 million times each year.

How does your agency/organization use the GSA SmartPay program to accomplish its mission?

GSA Fleet assigns a GSA SmartPay fleet charge card to every leased vehicle. The cards are used by drivers to procure fuel and maintenance services for the operation of the vehicles.  GSA Fleet pays these charges daily to maximize rebates. The customer  agencies are billed a stable per mile rate that allows them to plan out their budgets each FY.  The ability to review transactions utilizing our electronic access system (EAS) is vital to evaluating and operating our fleet and identifying efficiencies.

What do you see as the major benefits of the GSA SmartPay program?

Having a multiple award contract mechanism in place is a huge time savings for the GSA Fleet. It allows our organization to focus task orders on items that are unique to our program management. Additionally, the rebates and ability to reclaim taxes permit us to pass those savings to customer agencies.  The GSA SmartPay fleet charge card is an integral part of the service GSA Fleet provides to our leasing agencies.      

What are three words to describe the GSA SmartPay Program? 

  • Streamlined - allowing all Federal agencies to access a common need (purchase, travel and fleet charge cards) through a common portal with the heavy lifting of identifying contractor banks already done.
  • Commercially-minded - allowing Federal agencies to operate as similarly to its private sector counterparts as possible with all of the innovations and cost/ time savings that come along with that.
  • Integrity - the structure of the SmartPay platform ensures that while fleet charge cards remain easy to use they are also secure and that agencies are able to review transactions and identify problems as the occur.

What is the most interesting/important way that you’ve seen the GSA SmartPay program used within your agency/organization?  Any special projects/special purchases that you’d like highlight?

GSA Fleet has the honor of servicing almost every Federal agency in the Government.  Their missions are unique and varied and each is important.  The GSA SmartPay fleet card shines during times of crisis and national disasters.  The fleet charge card app allows either GSA Fleet or our drivers to identify in real-time active fueling stations that are still able to transact during emergencies pointing first responders to vital services to keep their vehicles operational.

What’s one piece of advice that you’d offer to cardholders?

At the GSA Fleet, our cardholders are also our customer agencies.  Our primary goal is to make their fleet charge card experience as easy as possible.  GSA Fleet takes seriously the role of balancing the need for strong card controls with the needs of our customer agencies.  Having said that the piece of advice I give out most often is if you are struggling, then flip over the card and call the number on the back.  There is an escalation process in place to ensure you get the help that you need.

What’s one fact/piece of information about the GSA SmartPay program that you’d like to share with the general public?

GSA Smartpay is a savings to the taxpayer. It is unique in that Federal agencies don’t expend resources for the use of the contract, rather they receive money back in the form of rebates and in the collection of fuel taxes owed back to GSA Fleet.  GSA Smartpay is the Government operating with an innovative and cost effective payment solution.

Any other comments that you’d like to share?

Thank you to everyone at GSA SmartPay for all you do for GSA Fleet.  The GSA SmartPay team is an excellent group of people to work with who make our jobs easier.  GSA Fleet’s value proposition to our customers is that we provide the Right Vehicle, at the Right Price with Great Service and the Data needed to effectively and efficiently manage a fleet.  The GSA SmartPay Fleet Card is an integral part of delivering that value.