Benefits of using the GSA SmartPay fleet account include:

Fuel and Maintenance Acceptance

  • 135,000 fuel providers have account acceptance
  • 45,000 maintenance locations can accept under $100 with total acceptance of 500,000 when taking into account MasterCard backup

Fraud Monitoring Using Level 3 Data

  • Program data allows us to monitor and ensure that any fraud or misuse is billed to the responsible party resulting in overall savings to our customer agencies

Replacement Account Orders Direct Shipped to Agencies

  • GSA Fleet decreased potential vehicle downtime by having replacement for lost, stolen, or broken cards shipped directly to the driver utilizing the account

Real Time Authorization Data

  • If there is a problem with the account, real time authorized data allows WEX or GSA Fleet to determine immediately what it is and how to complete the transaction

Refunds and Tax Recovery

  • Receive refunds that result in savings for our customer agencies and Level 3 data allows for most effective tax recovery