May 12, 2020

Congratulations to the GSA SmartPay 3 Transition Team for receiving the 2020 Gears of Government Award for successfully managing the government-wide transition of 560 participating organizations from GSA SmartPay 2 to GSA SmartPay 3.


GSA SmartPay 3 Transition Team members: Bo Berlas, Michael Bertty, Judy Brady, Shane Brosius, Rosalind Cherry, Sharon Chen, Manish Deorukhkar, Roberto Devarie, Shawna Dunning, Wayne Ferguson, Caroline Follo, Catrina Garrett, Perry Hampton, Joseph Hoyt, Katie Jaworski, Andrew Lee, Joline McDonald, Sheri Meadema, Jay Myung, Rebekah Perillo, Donna Rankin, Sarah Rodgers, Alissa Schrider, David Shea, Varuna Singh, Sarah Smith, Tri Thai, Erin VanDagna, Milton Vazquez, Shauna Weatherly.

In Fiscal Year 2019, 560 participating organizations underwent a major transition to GSA SmartPay 3. These customer agencies’ missions are support by almost 4 million GSA SmartPay purchase, travel and fleet charge card accounts. Thanks to the successful management of this government-wide transition by the team, no break in service was experienced, plus the program experienced its highest level of agency spend to date, over $32 billion, generating $422 million in refunds for agencies.

The Center for Charge Card Management (CCCM) worked in close coordination with staff in the other GSA organizations to accomplish numerous transition activities. These activities ranged from coordinating the set-up of agency accounts and millions of new charge card accounts to oversight and refinement of contractor bank system integration, data and reporting systems. The team also fielded major questions from agencies on developing task order documents, Statements of Work, and extending GSA SmartPay 2 program coverage.

The transition’s extensive scope of effort included ensuring effective management of contractor bank system security Authorizations to Operate (ATOs), coordinating background investigations for new contractor bank staff,  and working constantly with agencies and contractors to ensure quality implementation of program/contract requirements.

CCCM developed a suite of new, innovative transition planning tools for agency use. These valuable tools were available to all customers via the GSA SmartPay website which averaged over 1600 visitors per day during transition.

GSA SmartPay 3 Transition Team continuously engaged with customers, conducting meetings on cross-cutting issues, updating the GSA SmartPay website, and holding in-person training at GSA Headquarters. A successful GSA SmartPay 3 Kickoff Conference provided task order award training and assistance to over 450 agency attendees. The 2019 GSA SmartPay Annual Training Forum provided over 3,000 attendees training on GSA SmartPay 3 transition topics as well as hands-on training in contractor bank charge card management systems.   

The completed transition to GSA SmartPay 3 demonstrates the enormous size, scope, and capabilities of the SmartPay program. GSA SmartPay 3 Transition Team’s work increases customers’ refund earning potential and offers agencies more efficient operations by substantially reducing the number of vendor invoices to be processed, along with the associated effort and cost.