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Bank Contact Information

Contact the issuing banks for answers to specific questions related to card/account information.

Card/account holders, please contact your agency’s issuing bank directly about:

  • Specific account issues.
  • How to use the bank’s online account access website.
  • Changes to address or personal information.
  • Payment.
  • Delinquency.
  • Confusion about your bill.
  • Disputed transactions.

The GSA SmartPay® team does not have the ability to look up any account information.

GSA SmartPay 3® Contractor Banks

For specific account questions, please see the contact information for the banks below.


  • 800-790-7206 (within United States)
  • 904-954-7850 (collect calls from outside United States)
  • Citibank Online Account Access (self register, commercial site).

U.S. Bank

  • 888-994-6722 (within United States)
    Note: To speak with a live person, do not press any buttons.
  • 701-461-2232 (collect calls from outside United States)
  • U.S. Bank Online Account Access (self register, commercial site).


  • 866-939-4472

To learn which bank/brand provides your agency’s GSA SmartPay 3 services, please email

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