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U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Washington, DC - Government Travel Cards

View full audit [PDF, 22 pages]


A risk assessment and audit of HUD’s travel card program for FY18 was performed. The risk in the travel card program was assessed to be moderate. The audit was focused on the high-risk areas identified during the risk assessment. The audit objective was to determine whether HUD’s travel cards were used for potentially illegal, improper or erroneous purchases and whether travel cards were used when required.


It was recommended that HUD’s Office of Chief Financial Officer:

  • Coordinate with the related program offices, the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer, and the Office of Employee Labor Relations to take appropriate actions against the employees identified in this report.
  • Improve controls to ensure the proper use of the travel cards and prevent or detect employees who did not use their government travel cards when required.
  • Provide employees with appropriate training on the issues identified in this report and ensure that all cardholder training is up to date.

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