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Audit of GSA’s Fiscal Year 2018 Travel Card Program: Report Number A190030/O/5/F19003

View full audit [PDF, 15 pages]


In FY18, GSA’s travel card spending totaled approximately $10.8 million dollars. The objectives of the audit were to determine if:

  • GSA’s travel card program had controls in place to ensure compliance with GSA, Office of Management and Budget and federal guidelines.
  • GSA travel card transactions were properly and fully supported, reported and approved.


It was recommended that the Chief Administrative Services Officer, Office of Administrative Services:

  • Strengthen controls to improve the timeliness and reliability of OAS’s process to review questionable travel card charges.
  • Strengthen controls to improve the timeliness and effectiveness of OAS’s process to resolve delinquencies.
  • Use travel voucher data to identify travel card policy violations and establish controls to address the violations identified.
  • Perform voucher audits to identify travel card policy violations and address recurring issues.
  • Implement controls to verify travel card.

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