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Governance: Improving Controls Over the Use of Procurement Cards Could Better Ensure Compliance and Limit Potential Misuse

View full audit [PDF, 23 pages]


The objective of this audit was to assess the effectiveness of Amtrak’s internal controls over the use of procurement cards. Approximately 87,000 procurement card transactions were analyzed, including purchases and returns that the company’s 876 cardholders made from FY16 through FY18.


It was recommended that the Executive Vice President/Chief Administration Officer:

  • Require program administrators to monitor transactions for patterns of possible policy noncompliance and potential misuse, including monitoring activities of cardholders with high spending limits and purchases in high-risk categories and take any necessary corrective actions.
  • Require cardholders and supervisors to take training on their respective responsibilities.
  • Update the procurement card policy to reflect these requirements.

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