The GSA SmartPay program is the world’s largest commercial payment solution program, servicing more than 560 federal agencies, organizations, and Native American tribal governments. Accepting the GSA SmartPay payment solutions allows your company to maximize government sales.

Government account holders utilize the program to pay for:

  • Commercial goods and services
  • Travel and travel related expenses
  • Fleet expenses


The GSA SmartPay program provides payment solutions to the Federal Government for conducting official business.

If you currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Voyager, and/or Wright Express (WEX), you are already set up to accept GSA SmartPay accounts. If your business does not currently accept charge cards, please reach out to your financial institution to discuss accepting charge cards. The transaction fees you negotiated with your bank to accept cards from the private sector will also apply to government purchases. 

The program consists of three business lines:

  • Purchase:  Use to procure, order, and pay for supplies and services;
  • Travel: Use for official travel and travel-related expenses; 
  • Tax Advantage:  Use for travel with point-of-sale tax exemption for lodging and car rentals;
  • Fleet: Use for fuel, maintenance and repair of government owned/operated vehicles; and
  • Integrated: Combines two or more business lines on a single account.

There are three account types within the GSA SmartPay Program:

Centrally Billed Account (CBA): Expenses are directly paid by the Federal Government and should not be charged state taxes.
Individually Billed Account (IBA): Expenses are paid by the account holder and, depending on the state, may be eligible for state tax exemption.
Tax Advantage Account: Combines an IBA and CBA. Rental car and lodging expenses are billed as a CBA and should not be charged state taxes. All other expenses (e.g., meals) are billed as an IBA and may be eligible for state taxation.

Note: Integrated combines two or more business lines within the same solution.