The Center for Charge Card Management (CCCM) is working with vendor and customer agency communities to promote the values added by the many GSA SmartPay features. In order to maximize the valuable features of our payment solutions, it is important that the personnel involved in the process understand their responsibilities. The following Strategic Sourcing features are available for use with the GSA SmartPay program:

  1. Processing cost-reduction value to the vendor community when they provide complete Level 3 data to the Card Network stream;
  2. GSA SmartPay BIN Recognition by the vendors as a trigger to apply the appropriate schedule, BPA or discounted price on the products and services acquired by our customer agencies and
  3. Increased refunds to our customer agencies.

Any questions, clarifications or Card-Driven Strategic Sourcing, can be addressed to Milton Vazquez at 703-605-9475, or via email (