American Recovery & Reinvestment Act

Government customers can use GSA SmartPay payment solutions to purchase and/or pay for official American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) requirements. The use of official U.S. government payment solutions enhances reporting and transparency while adhering to Recovery Act requirements. Accounts must be used in accordance with OMB Circular A-123, Appendix B and in conjunction with any additional agency policies.


The two GSA SmartPay contractor banks offer robust services to support your agency as you spend your ARRA funds. If you anticipate a high volume of Recovery Act-related transactions, banks can create additional accounts and link them to specific Recovery Act accounting codes, improving reporting capabilities and oversight. Transaction, reconciliation, and reporting procedures are the same as standard procedures and may reduce administrative costs. Additionally, your agency will continue to receive refunds from the contractor bank based on agency spending through the program.


You can find specific guidance on card use and reporting requirements for purchases above and below the micro-purchase threshold within OMB Memo M-09-15. To get started, refer to the OMB memo and discuss options within your agency on how charge cards and your GSA SmartPay bank can help you meet ARRA requirements.


Obtain additional information by contacting GSA SmartPay Program Support at (703) 605-2808 or email