The GSA SmartPay savings calculator is designed to enhance and support leadership payment decision making by visualizing the benefits of utilizing SmartPay payment products in the areas of contract, grant, and local travel subsidy spend. The tool provides estimates for potential savings based on increased utilization of the program.

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Agency Spend
Purchase Spend *
Total Agency Card Spend
Travel Spend *
Fleet Spend *
Average Refunds *
Note: If you do not know the breakdown of spend by business line, enter all spend under Purchase and zero for Travel and Fleet spend.
Additional Spend
Total Contract Spend *
Current Grant Spend *
Current Local Travel Subsidy *
Other Spend *
Migrating Spend Percentages
Contract Spend Migrated *
Grant Spend Migrated *
Local Travel Subsidy Spend Migrated *
Other Spend Migrated *
Increased Travel Card Compliance? *
Agency Savings Summary
Note: This calculation is based on a study, which found that improving compliance would increase travel card spend that was otherwise done by individuals using personal cards or cash.
Metric Today Future % Change
Refund Breakdown
Current Cardless Spend
Current Card Spend
Future Contract Spend
Future Grant Spend
Future Cardless Spend
Other Spend