Who is Eligible?

Eligibility for the program is determined by the GSA SmartPay Contracting Officer. Federal agencies, departments, tribal organizations, and approved non-federal entities to include those eligible to use GSA sources of supply and/or cost-reimbursable contractors, can apply to obtain charge payment solution services under the GSA SmartPay program.

For Tribes, Tribal Organizations and Other Non-Federal Entities

The GSA SmartPay payment solutions can be used by tribes, tribal organizations and other non-federal entities in the following areas:

  • Fleet: This payment solution allows for the fueling and maintenance of vehicles, boats, planes or equipment efficiently and provides for management information reports to track fleet expenditures.
  • Travel: This payment solution allows for the purchase of common carrier transportation, car rentals, lodging and meals for official travel and travel-related expenses. Check for eligibility to participate in GSA's City Pair Program for discounted government airfares. Also, management reports help manage travel expenses.
  • Purchase: This payment solution will enable day-to-day business purchases necessary to run an organization. Use the information contained in the management information reports to negotiate better discounts from preferred merchants.

In order to participate in the GSA SmartPay program, the first step is to fill out and submit the below GSA SmartPay program application. Once the application is approved, it will be necessary to select the vendor and platform that best meets organizational needs and to issue a task order to the selected vendor.

When placing task orders, there are three options:

  1. Place the task order alone;
  2. Pool requirements with another participating tribe or Federal agency; or
  3. Tag-along with an existing task order.

Those tribes or tribal organizations interested in meeting their immediate need with minimal resources, may wish to give serious consideration to the tag-along option. Tagging with existing task orders provides eligibility for the same negotiated prices and saves time and resources. GSA offers assistance with preparing applications or task orders at no additional cost.

Application for Other than Federal Agencies (Updated 2/22/23)

For State/ Local Governments:

At this time, state and local governments are not authorized to utilize the GSA SmartPay contract.  However, state and local governments are welcome to review the GSA SmartPay program offerings and best practices to serve as a guideline for similar payment programs.