Strategic Payment Solutions

Strategic payment solutions allow you to:

  • Gain efficiencies on current spend,
  • Capture additional spend,
  • Increase refunds,
  • Improve oversight and control, and
  • Gain transparency and accountability within your program.

All solutions are available  under the Master Contract. Check to see which solutions are included in your agency’s task order.  

Contact your GSA SmartPay contractor bank to ask for additional information on the specific offerings outlined in your task order. The GSA SmartPay contractor bank can provide your agency with examples of how the payment solution could be utilized within your program.

GSA SmartPay Strategic Payment Solutions Video Series
#1 Cardless Solutions
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A solution that replaces the accounts payables process such that electronic transactions take place directly between the Government and the supplier. ePayables solutions are typically used with merchants who are either:

  • Traditionally paid by convenience check or EFT or
  • Merchants who do not accept charge card payments (e.g., utility companies)

Mobile Application:

The ability to access EAS, pay invoices, receive text/email alerts, and view statement and payment information over a mobile device. Your contractor bank provides mobile application capabilities, upon request, at no additional cost. Mobile application capabilities include:

  • the ability to access EAS,
  • pay invoices,
  • receive text/email alerts and
  • view statement and payment information over a mobile device.

Mobile Payments:

The ability to make payments via mobile device at the point-of-sale. Your contractor bank provides the ability for account holders to make secure payments using a mobile device at the point-of-sale.

Net Billing:

The process of ensuring that merchant discounts or refunds offered are deducted at the point-of-sale and guaranteeing such discount arrangements. For example, the contractor bank ensures that discount information is identified on the invoice and passed to the agency/organization, when available. If Mark purchased a toner cartridge for $100 and the merchant offers a Government discount of $4.00 to the agency/organization based on existing agreements, the contractor bank shall net bill only $96 for the transaction.

Single-Use Account (SUAs):

SUA payment solutions leverage a single virtual account number for each payment. The limit on each account is set to the specific payment amount. Internal controls such as MCC blocks, spend limits, timeframes, and account expiration dates can be used for increased control. Agencies also have the ability to append accounting data for seamless reconciliation. Examples of use include payment invoice and contract payments, which help to ensure that merchants are not able to charge more than approved amounts. Benefits to SUAs include:

  • Accounts can be activated in real time
  • Controls can be placed on account allowing for increased oversight of spend
  • Disposable; one-time use account numbers reduce the risk of fraud
  • Seamless reconciliation, and
  • Reduces the necessity for using convenience checks


Tokenization is the use of a secure, unique “token” in place of a 16-digit account number to provide extra security for transactions.

Virtual Cards:

The Contractor shall provide virtual accounts that may be used during a limited time, for a limited amount and possibly for a specific vendor.

Declining Balance Cards: 

Declining Balance Cards can be applied for a specific purpose, a finite balance, or for a specified time period. Credit limits can either be reset as needed or the card becomes inactive once the balance is used. These accounts can be easily loaded and distributed to employees in case of emergency or disaster situations. Benefits may include:

  • Financial flexibility and security,
  • Reduction of agency/organization administrative fees,
  • A flexible option for applicants who cannot be issued a traditional account, and
  • Safe and excellent alternative to cash and paper checks.

Ghost Cards:

Ghost Cards are for agencies who frequently do business with one vendor and have recurring payments. An account number can be assigned to the vendor and authorized agency personnel transactions occur without having to use multiple cards or accounts. Many agencies use this product for purchases such as airline tickets. Benefits may include:

  • Reduced number of open accounts (payment processing and oversight easier)
  • Allows for multiple users
  • Allows for a high level of control
  • Reduces the risk of lost or stolen cards