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Do I need a form?
To receive State sales tax exemption in the State of Florida, a Federal government employee must present a​ State sales tax exemption affidavit, in accordance with Florida Administrative Code Rule 12A-1.038(4)(c))(see below).  The vendor may ask for valid proof of Federal government employment, which could include identification or a photocopy of the charge card, however please note that this is allowable but not required for exemption by Florida law.

Note:  As agencies and charge card networks may have prohibitions, limitations, or restrictions for photocopying charge cards, please consult with agency policy and regulations prior to providing a photocopy of a charge card. 

Who do I contact if I have a question?
Florida General Tax Administration Customer Service: 
850-488-6800 or DORGTA@floridarevenue.com

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Please note that the State of Florida does not require vendors to honor federal government sales tax exemption status.

*Updated 12/16/19