OMB Circular A-I23 Appendix B requires each agency to provide training to all account holders and account managers (including A/OPCs and AOs).  Training is important in helping account holders and A/OPCs understand their roles and responsibilities, as well as reducing the risk of fraud, waste, and error.
In general, all program participants must:

  • Be trained prior to appointment and receive a training completion certificate
  • Take refresher training every 3 years (or more often if required by your agency’s training policy)

GSA SmartPay offers free online purchase and travel training for account holders and A/OPCs.  The GSA SmartPay online training allows account holders to register, set up a profile, and manage their online training courses and certificates.  Agency Level 1 A/OPCs (or Top Level A/OPCs) can manage the online training certificates by running reports on account holders or searching for a specific account holder within their agency. Level 1 A/OPCs can access account holder information such as the type of training received, the date completed, and quiz scores.

Each training should take approximately 45 minutes to complete.  Each quiz contains between 20-25 questions and you will need a score of 75% or higher to receive a completion certificate.

Note: Completing the online training does not guarantee that you will receive a GSA SmartPay Account. You must check with your agency's policies and procedures and apply for an account through your program coordinator. 

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