Helpful Hints for Travel Account Use Cover

Helpful Hints for Travel Account Use

This card-sized brochure provides succinct information to account holders on the travel account including do's and dont's.

Document ID: 5-19-00248

GSA SmartPay Travel Card Troubleshooting Guide

GSA SmartPay Travel Card Troubleshooting Guide

The Center for Charge Card Management frequently receives questions from account holders about how to pay a travel account bill. Here are five ways to make sure the bank receives your payments on time.

GSA SmartPay TravelCard App

Note: The GSA SmartPay Travel App will be down for maintenance starting Friday, May 1st.  For mobile app customers, please access our mobile website at


The GSA SmartPay TravelCard App is a smartphone app designed to provide federal government travelers with key information about the GSA SmartPay travel program.  It benefits all DOD and federal civilian agency personnel that travel on official government business. Travelers are able to store AOPC information, quickly find tax exemption information, be notified of state tax exemptions, locate travel related services near them, and access helpful FAQs.  

The GSA SmartPay Travel Card App is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry devices through the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon App stores.