Under the GSA SmartPay integrated program the purchase, travel and fleet transactions processes are integrated on the front-end (e.g., at a minimum account set-up, account maintenance, customer service) or back-end (e.g., at a minimum reconciliation, reporting and invoicing) or both. It may be a single card or a single platform and is a combination of at least two business lines. 

An agency/organization can include both centrally billed and individually billed transactions in an integrated account and will have determined at the task order level which transactions and/or accounts shall be centrally billed, and which shall be individually billed to the account holder for payment.

Please check your agency’s specific policies or contact your program coordinator (A/OPC) with questions

History of the Integrated Program

Under the GSA SmartPay 2 Master Contract, the Department of the Interior requested implementation of an Integrated payment program. Through a collaborative effort across traditional program lines, Purchase, Travel, and Fleet were combined creating the largest Integrated charge card program in either the public or private sector. A task order was awarded for all three business lines (Purchase, Travel, and Fleet) to a single contractor in order to implement an Integrated business line. This allowed the possibility an integrated process for this agency from the beginning and the option to move to an Integrated program further into the contract’s period of performance. The Integrated business line also included other payment solutions as allowed under the scope of work and ordered by the Department of Interior.