Since the award of the inaugural GSA SmartPay® Master Contract in 1998, the GSA SmartPay Program has provided convenient, efficient, and effective payment solutions for the Federal Government, Tribes and Tribal Organizations with a comprehensive portfolio of payment solutions including Purchase, Travel, Fleet, and Integrated charge card services.


The GSA SmartPay Program was further expanded with the award of the GSA SmartPay 2 Master Contract in 2007. The GSA SmartPay 2 Master Contract required additional payment solutions beyond traditional carded products as well as increased data analysis, reporting capabilities, and security requirements. The GSA SmartPay Program has continued to grow through increased adoption as agencies/organizations realize benefits afforded under the program, such as ease of use, transaction reporting, and data analytic tools.


Since the start of transaction processing in 1999, GSA SmartPay Program spend has totaled approximately $460 billion with refunds earned by customer agencies/organizations topping more than $3.3 billion.


On August 31, 2017 GSA awarded contracts to Citibank and U.S. Bank to continue providing purchase, travel, fleet, and integrated payment solutions to Government agencies. Collectively these contracts are known as GSA SmartPay 3 Master Contracts. Transactional processing under GSA SmartPay 3 started upon completion of agency transition activities with their GSA SmartPay 3 Contractor Bank. The GSA SmartPay 3 Master Contract has base and option periods that comprise a possible 13-year period of performance running through November 29, 2031.