The GSA SmartPay Program has continued to grow through increased adoption as agencies/organizations realize benefits afforded under the program.

Utilizing the GSA SmartPay Master Contract means

  • A faster contract acquisition process and reduced risk of protest, as compared with a full and open competitive procurement
  • Favorable negotiating platform and contract terms
  • Awards to contractor banks based on a competitive bidding process
  • Established relationships with contract banks
  • A broad range of flexible products and services for agencies/organizations as well as, the flexibility to add products and services
  • Ongoing support for your agency/organizations

Other Benefits include:

  • Universal Acceptance: Because GSA SmartPay fleet accounts are either WEX, Voyager, MasterCard or VISA brands, they can be used at any merchant that already accepts these types of payment.
  • Refunds: Agencies receive monetary payments provided by the contractor based on the dollar or spend volume during a specified time period, which result in millions of dollars back per year for the agency.
  • Electronic Access to Data: The GSA SmartPay contractor banks all provide an Electronic Access Systems (EAS), which provides account access and a variety of reports for A/OPCs to assist in the effective management of the program.


Specific to the GSA SmartPay Fleet Account

Benefits of using the GSA SmartPay fleet account include:

  • Fuel and Maintenance Acceptance
    • 135,000 fuel providers have account acceptance
    • 45,000 maintenance locations can accept payment under $100 with total acceptance of 500,000 when taking into account MasterCard backup
  • Fraud Monitoring Using Level 3 Data
    • Program data allows us to monitor and ensure that any fraud or misuse is billed to the responsible party resulting in overall savings to our customer agencies
  • Replacement Card Orders Direct Shipped to Agencies
    • Decreased potential vehicle downtime by having replacement for lost, stolen, or broken cards shipped directly to the agency
  • Real Time Authorization Data
    • If there is a problem with the account, the contractor can determine immediately what the problem is and how to complete the transaction
  • Refunds
    • Receive refunds that result in savings for our customer agencies
  • Tax Recovery
    • Level 3 data allows for most effective tax recovery