March 15, 2016

Charge Up!

How Do You Fuel & Manage One of the Largest Vehicle Fleets in the World?   Simple:  With help from the GSA SmartPay® Charge Card and Related Payment Service Program!


Did you know that GSA SmartPay® fleet cards are used by customer agencies to pay for fuel and maintenance on most of the 200,000 vehicles leased from GSA?


Paying to fill up each of the 200,000 vehicles leased by GSA is the most obvious use of a GSA SmartPay fleet card, but these cards also provide powerful capabilities that help the U.S. government better manage complex and far-reaching programs.  Charge card commercial transaction data provides insight into compliance and utilization of the fleet program, allowing GSA to find ways to improve future services!


Fleet card transactions empower GSA and agency fleet managers to: collect and report vehicle mileages from commercial fueling stations, monitor the types of fuel or services being purchased, report completed vehicle preventative maintenance, track volume spent for maintenance and repair, detect fraud and misuse through velocity monitoring and transaction review, and identify customer driving behaviors that may allow them to save money through better vehicle utilization!  


In addition, the GSA SmartPay fleet card offers significant savings, including refunds on every transaction, the ability to collect back fuel taxes from participating states, and a dispute functionality that lets GSA to take immediate action on questionable charges.  These savings allow GSA Fleet to offer full service leasing and professional fleet management services (including acquiring, operating and disposing of vehicles) to federal agencies – while keeping rates 50% below comparable commercial lease rates.


These tools and related internal controls and data are built into the GSA SmartPay program and provided at no up-front cost, allowing customers to easily leverage streamlined commercial payment processes to conduct the government’s business.