What is GSA SmartTax?

The GSA SmartTax is a communications campaign that provides a unified message about state tax requirements, leading practices, and lessons learned.  The goal of messaging is to target stakeholders at critical decision points (e.g., the point of sale) and to help federal government employees and vendors understand when it is appropriate to assess state tax on a GSA SmartPay account, and when it is not.

The GSA SmartTax campaign also aligns with Executive Order 13589 Promoting Efficient Spending, issued on November 9, 2011.  Through a better understanding of the state tax issues, agency/organizations may better preserve budgets for mission critical activities.

GSA SmartTax Stakeholders

The point of sale is the critical point of tax assessment, as that is when an account holder provides an account for payment and the vendor decides whether or not to assess the tax.  Below are key travel stakeholders on both sides of the transaction for targeted messaging:


  • Agency CFOs
  • Account Holders
  • A/OPCs (Level 1-8)
  • GSA FedRooms Hotel Program


  • Vendor Corporate Offices
  • FedRooms Hotel Council
  • Professional Organizations
  • State Taxing Authorities
  • State Audit Offices
  • Regional and National Tax Associations