Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) for Office Supplies (OS2)

The Federal community pulled together for the second generation Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) for Office Supplies (OS2) selecting 15 firms, 13 of them small businesses to win the federal business for office supplies.  As a result of this effort, there is a potential to drive savings and save a combined $208 million over a four year period.  In addition, the tools are in place to improve socio-economic results, meet key sustainability requirements, and gather meaningful spend data.  

As a next step in helping to fully implement the new FSSI OS2 vehicle in your agency, the General Services Administration (GSA) has asked the members of the commodity team to share their best thoughts, ideas, and practices for successful implementation.  From the insights gathered from the commodity team, we have developed an innovative, one stop resource tool known as “OS2 in a Box.”  This user-friendly, simple to use kit provides your agency with pre-packaged campaign materials to help facilitate awareness building including:

•        A clear, concise Five-Step process for implementing use of OS2 BPAs
•        Roles and responsibilities for key stakeholders in the process
•        Samples of various communications to promote awareness to all target audiences
•        Reporting templates for tracking and monitoring progress
•        Sample data and reports

Included in the tool kit is a resourceful summary power point highlighting the five necessary steps for a successful program: 

•        Issuing  an Agency Use Memo,
•        Name and Empower a Champion,
•        Develop Monthly Reports to Track Progress
•        Launch a Communication Campaign
•        Conduct progress briefings to claim credit for your savings

Click here for your FSSI Implementation Kit
Click here to download a zip file containing examples of how other federal agencies have been communicating the program and tackling the challenges.

For any of your FSSI OS2 questions, please call Judy Poskanzer, FSSI OS2 Program Manager at 212.264.0305.   For specific questions about the “OS2 in a Box”  implementation, please contact Hassan Harris at 212.264.4784


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